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I am very aware that cost is an important issue to us all, particularly in the current financial climate.  I'm also aware that not knowing what it will cost you to see a specialist is frustrating.  I have therefore included my fees below, which I believe are very competitive.  All fees are eligible for medicare rebate (except for scans).   

Gynaecology Fees

First Appointment                           $265

(+/- $50 for Scan)

Follow-up Appointment                  $125

Endometrial Biopsy                        $100

Mirena Insertion                             $100

Obstetric Fees

First Appointment                              $265

(+/- $45/40 for Scan)

Follow-up Appointments                    $125

Follow-up Appointments-Midwife        $75

Pregnancy Management Fee          $2300


                                      ($3500 for KEMH)

Delivery Fees all covered by health insurance


This includes delivery, of whatever kind, and all operations. 

There may be excess payments to your health fund, and fees for other services.  I try to use anaesthetists that do not charge gap payments whenever possible.  

The above fees are current as of 01/05/2019, and are all eligible for medicare rebate (scans excluded).  Please be aware that fees are subject to change.